Photomontage with Pixlr

1. Participants will create a Photo Montage that incorporates text and processed pictures using the photo editing platform, Pixlr.

Skills incorporated (Green Dot Technology Standards)
3.C.1 - Students utilize paint/draw tools to select and manipulate objects/graphics' properties (e.g. rotate, stretch, shrink, group, crop, color, duplicate.)
3.C.2 - Inserts/imports a graphic from an outside source (e.g. server, scrapbook, CD, library).
3.C.3 - Uses programs and/or application tools to create graphics (i.e. Autoshapes).
3.C.5 - Uses drawing/painting software for original designs/projects.

1. We Do - Create the example (15 minutes)
2. You Do - Make your own (15 minutes)

Example Montage Photo Created in Pixlr

Step 1: Create a Folder on your desktop for your downloaded pictures.
  • Right click anywhere on your desktop and click "New"
  • Click on "Folder"
  • Type your Name
Step 2: Download your photos into this folder.
  • Go to Google and click on Images.
  • Search for images.
  • Click on an image you like.
  • Click on the link on the right to enlarge the image.
  • Click and drag the image to your folder.
For the "We Do" portion, download these pics.

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: Create a new pixlr file.
  • Click File > New Image
  • Give your file a name
  • Select the PRESET: "1024x768"
  • Press "OK"
Step 5: Import all of your pictures
  • Click File > Open Image
  • Navigate to your desktop folder (the one you created earlier with all your files)
  • Choose multiple files at the same time by holding the CONTROL KEY down while clicking on the pics you want.
  • Click OPEN
Step 6: Put your background in
  • Select the window that contains the background
  • Using the Move Tool (V), click on the layer in the Layers Window and drag it into the blank composition.
  • Resize the background by clicking on EDIT - Free Transform
Step 7: Drag in your picture and edit it out using the Wand tool.
  • Using the same steps as above, drag in your first picture.
  • If your picture has a single color background, you can use the Wand tool (W) to select it and delete it.
  • Select the Wand tool (W) then click once in the area you want deleted. This will select the area.
  • Press Delete to remove the selection.
  • Use the Move (V) tool to move the image into place
  • Use the Free Transform (Edit>Free Transform) to change the size/rotate your image.
Step 8: Repeat step 7 until you're done

Step 9: Enter some text
  • Use the Text Tool (T) to type text into your composition
Step 10: Add effects
  • If you'd like to add effects like a Drop Shadow or Glow, go to the layers panel and click the Effects button when you have your Layer selected.
Step 11: Save your file
  • Click File > Save
  • Save your file in the same folder as all your pictures.

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