Tuesday-Wednesday, June 8-9, 2010

By the end of today you will...
1. Sign up for your own WEBSITE at CWAHI.NET
2. Finish your homepage and UPLOAD it.
3. Begin work on your About Me Page.

1. Warm Up (CWAHI.NET) signup
2. Work on your HOMEPAGE
3. Uploading your homepage

Warm Up:
1. Go to http://www.cwahi.net/
3. Enter your USERNAME (for example naguda2013)
4. Enter the password 1357924680
5. Enter it again
6. Enter your school email (for example naguda2013@animojustice.com)
7. Enter it again
8. Enter your first name
9. Enter your last name
10. Enter your Gender
11. Enter your birthdate
12. Enter the security captcha
13. Check the box "Yes, I agree..."
14. Click Sign Up
15. Visit your email at http://mail.animojustice.com/ and click on the verify link that was sent to you.

How to Open Your Site in Frontpage:

1. Open Frontpage
2. FIRST, Click Close or Close Site to get to the GRAY SCREEN
3. Next, click OPEN SITE
4. Click on MY DOCUMENTS
5. Look for your Folder
6. Click on your folder (Don't Double Click)
7. Click Open
8. Work on your index.htm (hompage) file.

Requirements for the HomePage:
Title (3 points)
Menu (5 points)
Background (5 points)
Headline (2 points)
Picture (5 points)
Welcome Note (5 poitns)

Requirements for the AboutMe Page: (aboutme.html)
Title (3 points)
Menu (5 points)
Background (5 points)
Headline (2 points)
Interest #1 w/ picture (10 points)
Interest #2 w/ picture (10 points)
Interest #3 w/ picture (10 points)

Inserting a Picture into Frontpage?
1. Drag the photo to your desktop.
2. Drag the photo into your frontpage document.

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