Monday, May 10, 2010

By the end of today you will...
Analyze your group's data and make a conclusion about your own hypothesis.
Graph the 9th grade data.

1. Warm Up
2. Group Analysis/Conclusion
3. Printing

Warm Up: (BLOG IT!)
1. Before you started the experiment, what did you think was the fastest sense? If you weren't here for the experiment, tell me what sense do you think is the fastest? (Sight, sound, or touch?)
2. Why did you think so? Give me an example of why you thought this.
3. Look at your group's data from your file (Called "senses"). Does your data match your hypothesis?

Mr. Aguda took all the classes data and put them together in a new table below.

Open up your excel file from last week (called "senses" - there is a generic one on the desktop if needed) and graph it on the next available sheet.

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