Thursday-Friday, March 18-19, 2010

Today is the FINAL DAY to complete your PROJECTS!
By the end of today you will...
1. Finish your newspaper.
2. Print your newspaper
3. Email Mr. Aguda and your English teacher a copy of your newspaper!
Language Objective: What are the parts of a newspaper? What is a mockup?

1. Warm Up
2. Announcements
3. Newspaper Project Time
4. Turning In Your Project

Warm Up: (Email me this warm-up)
1. Check to see if you can still log on to your email. Log on to your email and answer the following questions:
A. What is the Name of your newspaper?
B. Who is your English or ESL teacher?

Turning In Your Project
1. Save as "newsproj"
2. Print 2 copies out (1 for Aguda and 1 for your English teacher)
3. Email Aguda a copy (for example: AND
    CC an Email to your English or ESL teacher a copy: (copy and paste the correct address to your CC line)
Your email composition should look like this:

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