Wednesday-Thursday, February 10-11, 2010

By the end of today you will...
1. Use Margin and Grid guides to create Business Cards
2. Practice design and layout by creating Business Cards.
3. Become familiar with the multi-tray printer and how to access the other trays.

Language Objective:
1. What's a margin guide?
2. What is a grid guide?
3. What is the difference between the two?

1. Warm Up (10 minutes)
2. Quiz (20 minutes)
3. Ketchup: Finish Business Cards (30 minutes)
4. Networking Activity (Give One-Get One)

Warm Up:
1. Insert a picture of a business card here.
2. List all the kinds of information found on a business card.
3. Can you guess as to why a business card is shaped this way or is even this size?



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