Thursday-Friday, February 25-26, 2010

Hey Everyone!
I'm out today. Please make sure you complete this blog and the following assignment. Make me proud! Have a great day!

Mr. Aguda

By the end of today you will...
1. Create a wanted poster for your newspaper using guidelines.
2. Ketchup

Language Objective: What are the parts of a newspaper?

1. Warm Up (10 minutes)
2. Announcements
3. Review of Newspaper Sections
4. Work on Wanted Posters
5. Ketchup Time

Warm Up:
Visit this website and answer the questions below on your blog.

1. What is the MASTHEAD of this newspaper?
2. What is the DATELINE?
3. Write the HEADLINE for the FEATURE STORY.
4. Read the feature story, briefly summarize the story in 2 sentences.
5. What are the 2 SECONDARY stories?
6. Copy and paste the CAPTION of the whale photo here.
7. What's the weather like in Orlando today at 4PM?

(ABSENT LAST TIME? If you weren't here last time, grab a handout from the back and copy down the notes from this post:

Wanted Poster Creation:

Assignment #1 - WANTED POSTER
If you have Ms. Kokores' class or Ms. Cutler's class - You need to create a WANTED POSTER for Lennie's attempted Rape from the book "OF MICE AND MEN"

If you have Mr. Porras' class -- You need to create a WANTED POSTER for any CARTOON caracter (like the example shown!)

Your poster must be in a PORTRAIT orientation.
Your poster must have 0.25" Margin Guides

Please include the following information for the poster you create. SAVE AS: Wanted Poster and EMAIL TO YOURSELF! Ok? Got it? Good! :) DO NOT PRINT!

(1) Name of Wanted or Lost Person:
(2) Description of who you are looking for:
(3) Last Seen:
(4) Wanted For:
(5) Reward:
(6) Picture of who you are looking for:
(7) Picture of the Victim
(8) Use this BACKGROUND:

Wanted Poster Narciso Aguda

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