Monday, March 1, 2010

By the end of today you will...
1. Review newspaper parts by creating a newspaper mockup.

Language Objective: What are the parts of a newspaper? What is a mockup?

1. Warm Up (10 minutes)
2. Announcements
3. Creating the MASTHEAD.

Warm Up:
You have 2 choices for your warm up:
1. CLICK HERE to see the newspaper and answer the following questions on your blog:
  • What is the masthead?
  • What is the dateline?
  • What is the feature story?
  • What is a caption of the big picture on the front page?
  • What's the temperature like today in Sudbury, Canada?
  • What other sections are inside this newspaper? List them.
2. KETCHUP - Work on any of the following

The Newspaper Mockup:
Create the masthead you see in the image below exactly as designed. Use guides as needed to make sure it's correct.
Newspaper Mockup A

Use this picture in your masthead. (Click on it first)

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