Thursday-Friday, January 7-8, 2010

- Finish yesterday's assignment.
- Begin Notebook Check
- Learn how to create publications from scratch by using the text and drawing tools in Publisher to create a customized classroom seating chart.
- Using appropriate orientations for different publications.

Language Objective:
1. What is the difference between Portrait and Landscape Orientations?

1. Warm Up
2. Ketchup: Finish Yesterday's Work // Notebook Check (30 minutes)
3. Portrait vs. Landscape (Page 36)
4. I Do/You Do Creating the classroom seating chart
5. Printing (Page 37)

Warm Up:
1. What is a TEMPLATE?
2. What kind of a program is Microsoft Publisher?
3. Play Ketchup:
Finish yesterday's assignment (Page 34) = Create 4 Different Publications using the appropriate.
Print your favorite Publication and Staple onto page 35.

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