Monday-Tuesday, January 12-13, 2010


- Finish Thursday or Friday's Assignment (seating charts)
- Review for Final Exam

Language Objective:

1. Warm Up // Typing Drill Review
2. Ketchup: Finish Yesterday's Work // Notebook Check (30 minutes)
3. Practice Quiz

Warm Up:
1. How do you feel about finals? Are you prepared or unprepared? Why or why not? What classes are going to be challenging for you? Which classes will be easy for you? Please write 1 paragraph for an UP stamp. (3-4 sentences)
2. Insert a picture of an INPUT device.
3. Insert a picture of an OUTPUT device.

Final Review!
Part 1 of review: Please set up for a TYPING DRILL.

Part 2 of review: Quiz
Practice Final Quiz - English
Practice Final Quiz - (spanish)

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