Monday, February 1, 2010

By the end of today you will...
1. Create a landscape 9th Grade Pep Rally Poster (for today's rally)

Language Objective:
1. What's a margin?


1. Warm Up

2. Announcements

3. Poster Creation and Printout

Warm Up:
1.What are our school colors?
2.What does each color mean? If you don’t know or remember, do a google search for color meanings.
3.What is our school mascot? What does it represent?
4.What is our school motto? How does this represent you and your community?

Make a Poster

1. Today during advisory, we need to represent the 9th grade class. Create a LANDSCAPE that represents you, your class (Freshmen or 9th grade), and your school.

Please include:

A. Text, Word Art, or Picture representing your grade

B. Text, Word Art, or Picture representing Animo Justice

C. Make this Poster Eye'll be holding it up at the Rally today!

Here's an Example:

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