Thursday-Friday, December 10-11, 2009

This week you will learn to:
1. Understand how a computer digitizes information.
2. Understand how a computer processes information.
3. Understand how a computer uses RAM in processing information.
3. Understand how a computer's speed is measured.

1. Warm Up
2. Announcements
3. Processors Lecture
4. Processors Comparison Activity.

Warm Up:
1. What does CPU stand for?
2. What is the CPU in charge of in a computer?
3. What two major companies produce CPUs in the United States?
4. Insert a picture of a CPU.
5. What does RAM stand for?
6. What does RAM do for the CPU?
7. Insert a picture of RAM here.

Finish Processors Comparison Activity:
For the 5 computers you researched, include the CPU Speed and RAM Amount

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