Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello, my favorite students in the WORLD!

As promised, I'm away for a conference today. Please make sure you complete the I/O Device PowerPoint and Email it to me. Once you are done, please practice some Mavis Beacon. Show all work to the Sub before you start Mavis Beacon.

Take care of the room, our computers, and make the sub happy that he's subbing for the best class in the world!
Remember, any write up will get you an automatic 40 minute detention. That's really, really lame!

See you all Tues or Wed!
Mr. Aguda

1. Ketchup Day:
Identify Input and Output Devices by creating a powerpoint.

1. Finish your PowerPoints
2. Email them to Me.
3. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Warm Up:
1. Complete your I/O Devices Research Project and Email it to me. If you forgot what you need to do, look at the instructions below.
028 page 1

028 page 2

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