Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Students:

I'm out sick today. I'm updating this blog from home. Today you will make a 2 Slide PowerPoint Slide show WITH animation and email it to me for credit! Please follow the agenda. It's very important that you treat the sub well, take care of the room and computers, and make me proud to be your teacher! Anyone written up by the sub will get DETENTION on the following day--no questions asked!

Mr. Aguda

1. Long Warm Up (40 minutes)
2. Email the Presentation to Me.
3. Show your work to the SUB
4. Free Surf Time

The Warm Up:
Do this on PowerPoint, Don't Blog today.

Slide #1: Substitute Etiquette
In this slide, please include the following objects:
- 1 Word Art with the text "Substitute Etiquette"
- 1 Large Text Box with the text "What to do when Mr. Aguda is gone."
- 1 Text box with the following text
(1) Check the Blog and complete the warmup
(2) Complete the assigned work quietly.
(3) Respect the sub and don't written up
(4) All students written up get automatic detention
(5) When you are done, show the sub, and you get free surf time.
- 2 Pictures that you can find on the internet that depicts these rules.
- Add animations to ALL elements in this slide in this ORDER: (1) Word Art, (2) 2 Pictures, (3) Large Text Box, (4) Text box (with rules)

Here is an example (click on picture for a larger version)

Slide #2: Sports Team Schedule
In this slide, please include the following objects:
- 1 Word Art with the name of your Favorite Sports Team (i.e. "Lakers")
- 1 TABLE of your team's schedule (Visit your team's website and type up the team's game schedule! Use the Table Tool from the Tool Bar)
- 2 Pictures of your favorite sports team.
- Animate ALL objects!

Here is an example: (click on picture for a larger version)


Save as: PX-last-first-date-warmup

Email Mr. Aguda at:

Per 1 (, Per 3 (, Per 4 (, Per 5 (, Per 6 (, Per 7 (

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