Thursday-Friday, October 15-16, 2009

Today you will learn how to:
1. Layer objects on a PowerPoint slideshow
2. Use Basic Color and Line Tools
3. Notebook Check

1. Warm Up
2. Ketchup: Complete City Scape Drawing and Add Animation
3. Notebook Check
4. Put it All Together.

Warm Up: (PowerPoint! Don't blog today!)
1. Using the Drawing tools, create the object below. Group the objects into one. Copy and paste the object onto a slide 45 times.

After the warmup Finish your City Scape:

1. 30 Homes
2. 20 Trees
3. 1 Lake/River
4. At least 2 roads
5. People Everywhere
6. Put your truck/vehicle on the road.

Next Slide: Sports Team Schedule
In this slide, please include the following objects:
- A nice background! (with the Team Colors)
- 1 Word Art
with the name of your Favorite Sports Team (i.e. "Lakers")

- 1 TABLE of your team's schedule (Visit your team's website and type up the team's game schedule! Use the Table Tool from the Tool Bar)
- 2 Pictures of your favorite sports team.
- Animate ALL objects in this order:

1. Name of Team (On Click)
2. Logo of Team (After Previous, 2 seconds)
3. Picture of Sports Team (with Previous)
4. Your Sports' team schedule (after previous, 2 seconds)

Here is an example: (click on picture for a larger version)

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