Monday-Tuesday, October 12-13, 2009

Today you will learn how to:
1. Layer objects on a PowerPoint slideshow
2. Use Basic Color and Line Tools
3. Notebook Check (time permitting)

1. Warm Up
2. Basic Color, layering, and drawing tutorial
3. Drawing a Landscape Scene
4. Notebook Check

Warm Up:
1. Take a look at the picture above, what is this?
2. How many animations can you find in this?
3. What is the ORDER of the animations?
4. Describe how these animations are going to occur. (Are these going to happen after previous, on click, or with previous?)
5. What is a DELAY?
6. Watch the PowerPoint that Mr. Aguda is showing you on the main screen. For each animation, tell me if they are on click, after previous (with or without timings), or with previous.

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