Tuesday-Wednesday, September 8-9, 2009

Welcome back, students! Welcome to Mr. Aguda's ONLINE blog.
From now on, you will visit this website to access information on today's OBJECTIVES, AGENDA, and WARM UPS.

Please continue to do as required:
1. Copy the Objectives onto Page 12
2. Answer the warm-up on MS WORD and SAVE AS "WARMUP"

Today's Objective(s):
1. We will access the class BLOG online.
2. We will learn how to cut, copy, paste, undo, redo and position windows.
3. We will explain what a BLOG is.

Today's Agenda:
1. 10 MOS
2. Announcements + Review
3. Pop Quiz
4. Highlighting
5. Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo and Window Positioning (Check Blog again)
6. Exit Slip

10MOS: (Save as WARMUP)
1. Explain in detail what you did on your long weekend! (For an UP STAMP, you must write at least 4 sentences).
2. What did you do at 9/9/09 @ 9:09am?
3. What is an INSERTION POINT and how would you use it to delete text after it? How would you use it to delete text before it.
4. List all the SHORT CUTS that you know so far. Tell me what they do. (For example, CNTRL-ALT-DEL is for logging on and off the computer)


Instructions / Learning Tasks:
- Arrange your windows so that you can multitask
- Copy and paste the questions onto the CLIPBOARD and onto a NEW MS Word document
- Answer the questions in ITALICS
- Undo/Redo Shortcuts

1. What is your favorite television show? Write one paragraph (3 sentences) telling me:
a. what is your favorite character on the show? b. what channel this show comes on? c. why you like this show?
2. What is your favorite music artist? Write a paragraph (3 sentences) telling me: a. what is your favorite song of this group/singer/rapper? b. why you really like this musical artist?

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