Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello Students!

I'm out of town today. Please make sure to treat the classroom, your peers, and your Substitute with Respect. Remember, if there are any writeups, the class will get a strike and detention will be assigned to the students who have been written up.

Keep your eyes on the PRIZE: Free Surf Day & Pizza Party :)

Be creative with the work today. Remember to stay within the guidelines. When you are finished, SHOW it to the substitute who will MARK YOU OFF FOR COMPLETING THE ASSIGNMENT

make me proud!

Mr. Aguda

1. Digital Zen Activity about websites.

1. Digital Zen (Long)

DIGITAL ZEN: (A LONG ONE!) - Show your finished work to the subsitute for credit! THEN, EMAIL IT TO ME!!!

…of your TOP 8 favorite WEBSITES!
1 SLIDE per WEBSITE (A total of 8 SLIDES)
Include on EACH SLIDE
- SCREEN SHOT of the SITE (If the site is blocked, just look for a picture of the site from Google IMAGES., like this one:

- What’s the DOMAIN of the site?

- What kind of information is presented at this site?

- How many times do you visit this site per day?

- How much time do you spend on this site per day?

- Why do you like this site?

Here is an example of 1 SLIDE (YOU need to make 8!)

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