Thursday-Friday, June 11-12, 2009

Objective(s): (THIS WEEK!)
1. Students will complete their HOMEPAGES
2. Students will OPTIMIZE their Websites for Publishing
3. Students will publish their websites onto the FTP site.
4. Students will begin work on their LINKS page.

1. Digital Zen
2. Finish your HOMEPAGE.
3. Tutorial: Optimizing your website
4. Tutorial: Publishing your website.
5. Tutorial: Tables

Digital Zen:
1. Does your homepage have a TITLE?
2. Does your homepage have at least 2 pictures?
3. Does your homepage have a background?
4. Does your homepage have a WELCOME NOTE (1 Paragraph)?
5. Does your homepage have a NAVIGATION BAR?
6. Is your homepage on the internet or is it on your computer?
7. What 10 websites are you going to list on your links page?
8. How many points is each page worth?
9. Today we're going to work on our LINKS page. Check page 59 and tell me what the requirements are for your links page. (See "CONTENT")

Need Some Inspiration:
Click on the link below for LAST YEARS' WEBSITES

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