Monday, June 8, 2009

Objective(s): (THIS WEEK!)
1. Students will become familiar with MS Frontpage by creating a HOMEPAGE for their website. 2. Students will set up their LOCAL websites.
3. Students will learn the procedures for starting up and ending FRONTPAGE
4. Students will understand the requirements for the final project.

1. Digital Zen
2. Intro to Frontpage
3. Make a HOMEPAGE

Digital Zen:
1. When you visit a website, the first page is called a "HOMEPAGE." Why do you think it's called that?
2. Visit Mr. Aguda's website again. ( Load the homepage to his website. (This is always the first page that you visit!). Look at the address bar. What is the URL?
3. Visit Mr. Aguda's "about" page (by clicking on the link on the navigation bar). What is the URL here?
4. Visit all of Mr. Aguda's pages. What are the different pages called?
5. How do you get to Mr. Aguda's different pages?
6. Compare this website to a MYSPACE page. How is this different? How is this similar?

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