Monday-Tuesday, May 11-12, 2009

1. Students will use appropriate formulas to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
2. Students will use appropriate formulas on Excel to create a Receipt budget for a dinner party.

1. Write a formula to add, subtract, multiply and divide 20 and 5. (Total of 4 Formulas)
2. Write a formula that would sum A1:A20.

1. Digital Zen (MS Excel)
2. Subtraction, multiplication and division worksheet
3. Application: Creating a Receipt.

Digital Zen:
1. Create a multiplication table from 1 to 26 using the Fill function on Excel WITH a checkerboard color pattern. (Remember what you did on Friday? Recreate it QUICKLY! You should be able to do it in 1 minute! If you don't, ask someone!)

2. On Sheet 2 Take the following sums (Put the totals on ROW 7, COLOR the BOX)

  • Column A: 123,321,234,213,423
  • Column B: 231,231,332,321,321
  • Column C: 123,324,5123,32133,3231
  • Column D: 0.001, 0.003, 0.3, 3.1, 5.113
  • Column E: 123, 123.01, 123.9991, 123.91
  • Column F: Add the Totals of each ROW here.

GROCERY RECEIPT ACTIVITYGrocery Circular Grocery Circular Narciso Aguda

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