Thursday, April 2, 2009

1. Students will understand the guidelines to the FINAL project by watching a powerpoint.
2. Students will begin work on their FINAL project by working on the MASTHEAD and WANTED POSTER

1. Digital Zen
2. Final Project PowerPoint Lecture
3. Finish Your Masthead and Wanted Poster
4. Save your FILE and EMAIL YOURSELF

Digital Zen: (20 minutes)
1. Create a 1-page Poster of ANY LAYOUT describing what you intend to do during your vacation! Make sure you put your name on your paper.
Include: 1. Title 2. 2 Pictures 3. Description (1 paragraph) 4. Background 5. Your name
2. PRINT this page and turn into Mr. Aguda

If you have Ms. Kokores' class - You need to create a WANTED POSTER for Lennie's attempted Rape from the book "OF MICE AND MEN"

If you don't have Ms. Kokores' class -- You need to create a WANTED POSTER for any CARTOON caracter (like the example shown!)

Your poster must be in a PORTRAIT orientation.
Your poster must have 0.25" Margin Guides

Please include the following information for the poster you create. SAVE AS: Wanted Poster and EMAIL TO YOURSELF! Ok? Got it? Good! :) DO NOT PRINT!

(1) Name of Wanted or Lost Person:
(2) Description of who you are looking for:
(3) Last Seen:
(4) Wanted For:
(5) Reward:
(6) Picture of who you are looking for:
(7) Picture of the Victim
(8) Use this BACKGROUND:

Wanted Poster Narciso Aguda

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