Tuesday-Wednesday, March 3-4, 2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create publications using the ruler.

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements! Were you good students when Mr. Aguda was gone? Which periods get a strike?
4. GRID Guides Activity (page 40)
5. Ruler Guides
6. GRID/RULER GUIDES Activity (page 43)

Answer Questions #1-4 on the BLOGGER
1. What is the minimum margin size our printer will print?
2. Why can't a printer print to the edge?
3. When is the next notebook check?
4. What pages are due at the next notebook check?

Complete Questions #5-7 on PUBLISHER.
5. Create a publication on PUBLISHER that has MARGIN guides set to
Remember to convert to decimals!
LEFT = 1"
RIGHT = 1 1/4"
TOP = 3 1/4"
BOTTOM = 2 3/4"
6. Draw a BOX to fit the inside of the MARGIN guides that you have just created. Fill this box with a color.
7. Measure the WIDTH and the LENGTH of this box using the rulers on MS Publisher. Write this on the BOX. (Text box!)
8. What is the size of a STANDARD piece of PAPER? (Hint: Check the rulers on the publication you just created for #5) Write this in a text box on the page.

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