Thursday-Friday, March 5-6,2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create a set of tickets using the MARGIN and GRID GUIDES.

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements and Setup for Notebook Check
3. Publication (Make some tickets!)

Answer Questions #1-4 on the BLOGGER
1. What is a MARGIN GUIDE and what does it do for a publication?
2. What is a GRID GUIDE and what does it do for a publication?
3. Take a look at the publication shown on the screen. How many COLUMNS and ROWS does this GRID GUIDE have?
4. If I wanted to make 10 Flash Cards from 1 piece of paper, how many COLUMNS and ROWS do I need to create?
Complete Questions #5-7 on PUBLISHER.
5. Create a publication on PUBLISHER that has MARGIN guides set to 0.25" all around
6. Set up the GRID GUIDES to 2 COLUMNS and 3 ROWS with 0.1" spacing on both
7. Inside each section that was created, place a picture. Any picture.

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