Monday-Tuesday, March 9-10, 2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create a set of BUSINESS CARDS using the MARGIN and GRID GUIDES.
3. Students will become familiar with RULER GUIDES.

1. Digital Zen
2. Make some BUSINESS CARDS and KETCHUP time with TICKETS.
3. Ruler Guides Lecture
4. Ruler Guides Activity (GATES MAGAZINE)

Answer Questions #1-2 on the BLOGGER
1. So what did you do this weekend? Tell me in 3-4 sentences.
2. If you wanted to make 12 Business Cards on one sheet of regular paper, describe how you would use the GRID GUIDES.
Complete Questions #3-4 on PUBLISHER.
3. Now open up publisher and set up your page to print 12 Business Cards
4. Save this as "BUSINESS-CARDS"
Make BUSINESS CARDS (page 45) and FINISH TICKETS (page 44)
When done make sure your notebook is set up like this:
043 - Guides Worksheet (Haven't completed it yet)
044 - Your Ticket Example Printout
045 - Your Business Card Example Printout

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