Monday and Wednesday, March 30 and April 1, 2009

1. Students will understand the guidelines to the FINAL project by watching a powerpoint.
2. Students will begin work on their FINAL project by working on the MASTHEAD and WANTED POSTER

1. Digital Zen
2. Final Project PowerPoint Lecture
3. Make a Masthead
4. Make a Wanted Poster
5. Save your FILE and EMAIL YOURSELF

Digital Zen:
1. What did you do on your day off? Describe it in 1 paragraph and post to your blog.
2. Insert 2 Pictures into your blog of what you did yesterday!

Assignment #1 - WANTED POSTER
If you have Ms. Kokores' class - You need to create a WANTED POSTER for Lennie's attempted Rape from the book "OF MICE AND MEN"

If you don't have Ms. Kokores' class -- You need to create a WANTED POSTER for any CARTOON caracter (like the example shown!)

Your poster must be in a PORTRAIT orientation.
Your poster must have 0.25" Margin Guides

Please include the following information for the poster you create. SAVE AS: Wanted Poster and EMAIL TO YOURSELF! Ok? Got it? Good! :) DO NOT PRINT!

(1) Name of Wanted or Lost Person:
(2) Description of who you are looking for:
(3) Last Seen:
(4) Wanted For:
(5) Reward:
(6) Picture of who you are looking for:
(7) Picture of the Victim
(8) Use this BACKGROUND:

Wanted Poster Narciso Aguda

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