Monday and Wednesday, March 30 and April 1, 2009

1. Students will understand the guidelines to the FINAL project by watching a powerpoint.
2. Students will begin work on their FINAL project by working on the MASTHEAD and WANTED POSTER

1. Digital Zen
2. Final Project PowerPoint Lecture
3. Make a Masthead
4. Make a Wanted Poster
5. Save your FILE and EMAIL YOURSELF

Digital Zen:
1. What did you do on your day off? Describe it in 1 paragraph and post to your blog.
2. Insert 2 Pictures into your blog of what you did yesterday!

Assignment #1 - WANTED POSTER
If you have Ms. Kokores' class - You need to create a WANTED POSTER for Lennie's attempted Rape from the book "OF MICE AND MEN"

If you don't have Ms. Kokores' class -- You need to create a WANTED POSTER for any CARTOON caracter (like the example shown!)

Your poster must be in a PORTRAIT orientation.
Your poster must have 0.25" Margin Guides

Please include the following information for the poster you create. SAVE AS: Wanted Poster and EMAIL TO YOURSELF! Ok? Got it? Good! :) DO NOT PRINT!

(1) Name of Wanted or Lost Person:
(2) Description of who you are looking for:
(3) Last Seen:
(4) Wanted For:
(5) Reward:
(6) Picture of who you are looking for:
(7) Picture of the Victim
(8) Use this BACKGROUND:

Wanted Poster Narciso Aguda

Thursday-Friday, March 26-27, 2009

Students will complete a mockup of Mr. Aguda's newspaper
Students will complete a notebook check

1. Digital Zen
2. Setup your notebook and Notebook check
3. Finish page 48 and print it out

Digital Zen
1. Copy the text below and paste it into a text box in Publisher using the PASTE SPECIAL > Unformatted Text function.
2. Use the guidelines that you learned from page 49 to format your columns.
3. You may arrange this story any way you would like but it must spread 2 two pages.
4. Place a headline "Marketters are Into YouTube"
5. Include the following picture and a caption that reads "Student watching Youtube"

Copy the text below:

Yet another reason for traditional TV outlets to worry about their relevance:, the hot new outlet for people to post and share homemade videos, has caught the attention of big-name marketers.
Nike, Warner Bros., MTV2 and Dimension Films are among the firms seeding the site with commercial clips. Now, along with consumer-made videos of newborn babies, weddings and teens pulling pranks, is a short of soccer star Ronaldinho in his new Nike sneakers.

Part of YouTube's lure is its ease of use. Consumers — and advertisers — can upload clips quickly.

The site, which is like a virtual photo album that hosts millions of short videos, is simple to search.

As broadband penetration grows, and consumer appetite for on-demand entertainment swells, video-sharing sites such as YouTube are taking off. In December, when it formally launched, users watched 3 million videos daily. Now, it's about 40 million.

That buzz has piqued the interest of major marketers, ad agencies and media buying firms.

"From a brand standpoint, it's become another way to reach consumers," says Barry Lowenthal, president of ad buying company Media Kitchen.

In a world teeming with cynical consumers and ad-skipping devices such as TiVo, YouTube's edge is that its users actively seek out content. When word-of-mouth built about Nike's gritty Ronaldinho clip, consumers e-mailed the video to friends and embedded it in their profiles on social networking sites. It has been viewed more than 3 million times.

The price for Nike? Not much. The sneaker maker shot a digital video, then uploaded it for free.

As YouTube's must-see status swells, some firms want more formal arrangements. At the end of March, E Networks and YouTube struck a deal for the site to feature various E program clips.

Deep Focus, a marketing firm representing studios such as The Weinstein Co., and MTV2 have both worked with YouTube on promotional opportunities. Weinstein recently ran a trailer for Scary Movie 4 from its Dimension Films division. "Within 24 hours, we had 250,000 views of the trailer," says Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer. "Within a week, we had a million."

Deep Focus also placed the worldwide premiere trailer for Clerks II, which Weinstein is releasing with MGM. It was viewed 150,000 times in the first two days, says Schafer.

YouTube won't disclose financial or other details, but in most cases, those companies get preferential treatment, such as plugs on its home page. Clips that run as part of more formal agreements are usually marked with the logo of the firm that placed them to let viewers know they are promotional.

Other firms aren't officially working with YouTube but are uploading videos on their own. To hype Superman Returns, Warner Bros. posted video blogs from the movie's director.

Not all publicity on YouTube is welcomed. Earlier this year, NBC asked the site to pull down pirated clips of a Saturday Night Live skit because of copyright concerns.

"When alerted by rights-holders about unauthorized videos, we will cooperate with them to remove the links," says YouTube spokeswoman Julie Supan. General Motor's Chevrolet saw firsthand how YouTube exposure can dent a brand's image. It recently launched a contest that let consumers use Chevy-provided images and music to make their own Tahoe commercial. Some people created harsh, anti-SUV messages about global warming, then promptly posted them on YouTube.

YouTube also asks its community to self-govern for violent or pornographic material and to report offenders.

To promote Howard Stern's Howard TV video-on-demand channel, iN Demand Networks posted a series of risqué clips. IN Demand Executives felt YouTube still gave them more flexibility than broadcast TV.

"It's an unfettered environment where Howard fans can meet and celebrate his comedy," says iN Demand head of marketing Sergei Kuharsky.

Despite potential pitfalls, marketers see opportunities. "It's fantastic from a consumer research standpoint," says Lowenthal. "You can type in a search for 'shopping' and then see (videos) of people showing their shopping habits. It's almost like a global focus group — all for free."

As it grows, YouTube's challenge is to turn the rising tide of advertiser interest into dollars.

The company expects to reap ad revenue in the first half of this year but is cautious. To remain relevant, it needs to serve paying advertisers without looking like a sellout to its millions of average users. "We want to be sensitive on how we deal with that," says CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley. "Because we really are a community, we want to build things for our users and not alienate them."

YouTube is funded by Sequoia Capital, which invested $3.5 million in November, and another $8 million earlier this month.

Here is an example:
049 - 032609 - warmup stuff-2 049 - 032609 - warmup stuff-2 Narciso Aguda

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 24-25, 2009

Students will complete a mockup of Mr. Aguda's newspaper
Students will learn how to link textboxes together

1. Digital Zen
2. Linking Textboxes together
3. The Unending Textbox
4. Column Guidelines (page 49)
5. Finish the Mock-up
6. Set up for Notebook Check

Digital Zen
1. Open MS Publisher. Create your own MASTHEAD on MS publisher.
  • Make sure your Margins are at 0.25" all around.
  • Start your MASTHEAD anywhere.
  • Include a picture for your masthead.
  • Include a CATCHY TITLE for your masthead
  • Include a DATELINE
  • Save as "My example Masthead"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Students will continue learning how to put together a newspaper by creating a MOCK-UP.
Students will learn how to create a proper COLUMN.

Digital Zen/Today's Activity:
Complete Sections A-D from page 48.
Get a stamp!!

SectionB Example
SectionB Example Narciso Aguda

Thursday-Friday, March 19-20, 2009

1. Students will apply their knowledge of GUIDELINES and NEWSPAPERS to create a MOCKUP of a NEWSPAPER.

Language Objective(s):
1. Students will create a masthead
2. Students will create a headline

1. Digital Zen
2. Technology Survey
3. Mock-up of Masthead
4. Columns Tutorial (The Unending Textbox)

On your blog, answer the following questions: (From the NOTES)
1. What is a MASTHEAD?
2. What is a HEADLINE?
3. Why are headlines written with LARGE and BOLD fonts?
4. Why should we include captions to our graphics?
5. Today, President Barrack Obama is visiting Downtown Los Angeles, should this be a FEATURE story or a SECONDARY story? Why?
6. If a story continues on another page, that story is called a ___________.
7. What part of the story tells us what page we need to turn to so that we can finish reading the article?
8. The part of the newspaper that tells us the date of publication is called ____________.
9. When is the next NOTEBOOK Check?


048 - Newspaper Mockup Example-Scribd 048 - Newspaper Mockup Example-Scribd Narciso Aguda

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Congratulations to Periods 6-7 for winning free surf days!

Period 6: Highest Average 75%
Period 7: Least Strikes AND Highest Average 75%

For the rest of us, please complete the following assignment

Use Ruler Guides and Margin Guides to set up the following magazine EXACTLY as displayed below.

Use 0.25" all around for the margins. Use the measurements below to help you place your ruler guides.

Use the following pictures in your layout:

Thursday-Friday, March 12-13, 2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create a set of BUSINESS CARDS using the MARGIN and GRID GUIDES.
3. Students will become familiar with RULER GUIDES.

1. Digital Zen (& ketchup with tickets and business cards)
2. Ruler Guides Lecture
3. Ruler Guides Activity (Bill Gates Magazine Cover)

1. Try to copy this design as EXACTLY as possible on PUBLISHER...use GRID GUIDES as needed

WARMUP ruler guides A

Monday-Tuesday, March 9-10, 2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create a set of BUSINESS CARDS using the MARGIN and GRID GUIDES.
3. Students will become familiar with RULER GUIDES.

1. Digital Zen
2. Make some BUSINESS CARDS and KETCHUP time with TICKETS.
3. Ruler Guides Lecture
4. Ruler Guides Activity (GATES MAGAZINE)

Answer Questions #1-2 on the BLOGGER
1. So what did you do this weekend? Tell me in 3-4 sentences.
2. If you wanted to make 12 Business Cards on one sheet of regular paper, describe how you would use the GRID GUIDES.
Complete Questions #3-4 on PUBLISHER.
3. Now open up publisher and set up your page to print 12 Business Cards
4. Save this as "BUSINESS-CARDS"
Make BUSINESS CARDS (page 45) and FINISH TICKETS (page 44)
When done make sure your notebook is set up like this:
043 - Guides Worksheet (Haven't completed it yet)
044 - Your Ticket Example Printout
045 - Your Business Card Example Printout

Thursday-Friday, March 5-6,2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create a set of tickets using the MARGIN and GRID GUIDES.

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements and Setup for Notebook Check
3. Publication (Make some tickets!)

Answer Questions #1-4 on the BLOGGER
1. What is a MARGIN GUIDE and what does it do for a publication?
2. What is a GRID GUIDE and what does it do for a publication?
3. Take a look at the publication shown on the screen. How many COLUMNS and ROWS does this GRID GUIDE have?
4. If I wanted to make 10 Flash Cards from 1 piece of paper, how many COLUMNS and ROWS do I need to create?
Complete Questions #5-7 on PUBLISHER.
5. Create a publication on PUBLISHER that has MARGIN guides set to 0.25" all around
6. Set up the GRID GUIDES to 2 COLUMNS and 3 ROWS with 0.1" spacing on both
7. Inside each section that was created, place a picture. Any picture.

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 3-4, 2009

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create publications using the ruler.

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements! Were you good students when Mr. Aguda was gone? Which periods get a strike?
4. GRID Guides Activity (page 40)
5. Ruler Guides
6. GRID/RULER GUIDES Activity (page 43)

Answer Questions #1-4 on the BLOGGER
1. What is the minimum margin size our printer will print?
2. Why can't a printer print to the edge?
3. When is the next notebook check?
4. What pages are due at the next notebook check?

Complete Questions #5-7 on PUBLISHER.
5. Create a publication on PUBLISHER that has MARGIN guides set to
Remember to convert to decimals!
LEFT = 1"
RIGHT = 1 1/4"
TOP = 3 1/4"
BOTTOM = 2 3/4"
6. Draw a BOX to fit the inside of the MARGIN guides that you have just created. Fill this box with a color.
7. Measure the WIDTH and the LENGTH of this box using the rulers on MS Publisher. Write this on the BOX. (Text box!)
8. What is the size of a STANDARD piece of PAPER? (Hint: Check the rulers on the publication you just created for #5) Write this in a text box on the page.