Tues-Wed, February 17-18, 2009


TODAY marks the beginning of Semester 2! What happens now? You all know how computers work AND have a working knowledge of basic Computing commands and functions. The rest of the year focuses on software applications like PowerPoint that will help make you productive in school, in college, in life, and beyond.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride!

Mr. Aguda

Today's Objective(s):
1. Review Classroom standards and syllabus.
2. Understand the purpose of a desktop publisher
3. Create publications using design wizard templates.

Language Objective(s):
1. What is a desktop publisher?
2. What is a design wizard?
3. What is a Template?

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements
3. Syllabus Review
4. Intro to Publisher 5. Publisher Activities

Digital Zen:
Welcome to 2nd Semester. Let's jog your memory on class procedures. Please answer the following questions.

1. What part of Mr. Aguda's blog do you copy and paste?
2. True or false: Food and/or drinks are allowed in class.
3. How many points is an Upside Down stamp worth? Why would Mr. Aguda give you an upside down stamp?
4. How many points is a RIGHT SIDE up stamp worth? Why would Mr. Aguda give you a right side up stamp?
5. True or false: Mr. Aguda requires every student to have a notebook.
6. What is a stamp sheet and why is it important to keep it safe?
7. When does Mr. Aguda check the stamp sheet? How many points can you receive when Mr. Aguda checks your stamp sheet?
8. What does Mr. Aguda expect during the countdown?
9. WHAT is your new seat #?

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