Thursday-Friday, February 5-6, 2009

Language Objective(s):
1. Students will understand what SOFTWARE is, specifically an OS.
2. Students will view PIRATES OF SILICON valley.
3. Review
4. Students will make-up any work before the end of the semester!

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements
3. FINISH the FILM & Take notes
4. Review and Final Information (page 35)
5. Check your grades // Ketchup Day

Digital Zen:
1. What kind of product did Microsoft sell when they began?
2. What kind of product did Apple sell when they began?
3. Which company was most successful in the beginning?
4. When is finals week?
5. Describe Bill Gates' personality. (1-2 sentences)
6. Describe Steve Jobs' personality. (1-2 sentences)

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