Thursday-Friday, February 19-20, 2009

Today's Objective(s):

1. Understand the purpose of a desktop publisher
2. Create publications from scratch using Blank Publications.
3. Understand the difference between Landscape and Portrait.

Language Objective(s):
1. Give an example of a publication that is Landscape.
2. Give an example of a publication that is Portrait

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements
3. Portrait vs. Landscape and Using BLANK publications
4. Intro to Publisher
5. Publisher Activities

Digital Zen:
Use the DESIGN WIZARD in MS Publisher to design a FLYER to advertise a Taco Food Sale that will be on campus at lunch on February 24. Come up with the menu items that you are going to sell. Make sure that it's colorful. Include also:
  1. How much each item will cost
  2. Pictures of each item
  3. When and where the sale will be held
  4. Where is the money going to go? (For what campus event or club?)

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