Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Students!

I'm out of town today. Please make sure to treat the classroom, your peers, and your Substitute with Respect. Remember, if there are any writeups, the class will get 2 strikes and detention will be assigned to the students who have been written up.

Keep your eyes on the PRIZE: Free Surf Day & Pizza Party :)

Be creative with the work today. Remember to stay within the guidelines. When you are finished, print out your publication and turn in into the substitute.

make me proud!

Mr. Aguda

1. Students will learn about guidelines using MARGIN GUIDES, RULER GUIDES, and GRID GUIDES
2. Students will create publications using the ruler.

1. Digital Zen (Long)

1. Start from a BLANK PUBLICATION on MS Publisher. (Don't use a template)
2. Create a LANDSCAPE Flyer publication that will advertise something that is for sale. (Animal, games, software, car, airplane, boat, etc.)
Remember to create LAYOUT GUIDES that will allow NOTHING TO BE CUT OFF when you print it. (0.25" on all sides)


  • Picture of the item being sold (it could be more than one)

  • Contact information (How will they contact you? Fake numbers are fine!)

  • How much is it going to cost?

  • Large Title of the Item (big and bold, so that it attracts customers)

  • A text box with a description of all the item(s). (Include everything that's good about it, rememeber you want to sell it.)

When you are done with your poster, PRINT IT and give it to the Substitute. Then you have free surf time! :) PLEASE DON'T WASTE PAPER! Make sure the MARGINS are CORRECT and that EVERYTHING IS RIGHT BEFORE PRINTING!!! THANKS!!!

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