Monday-Tuesday, February 9-10, 2009

Good Morning/Afternoon, Students!

I am out on a trip today! Please remember NOT to get written up (STRIKES!) and to respect the SUB, the ROOM, the COMPUTERS, and your PEERS! Complete the assignment for credit (especially since this will count towards your final grade!) And don't forget that you have a FINAL EXAM on FRIDAY! Start the BLOG.

Make me proud to be your teacher!

Mr. Aguda

Today's Objective(s):

1. Review for FINAL exam using POWERPOINT!

Digital Zen: Final Review Worksheet (Save as final-review)
Create a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION as described below

Slide #1: TITLE - How a computer works
  • On this slide, tell me how a computer works.

  • Use the following words: Input, Output, Processing, RAM, CPU.
    Include any illustration or picture that will help in your explanation. (HINT: Remember the picture with the 3 boxes? Draw that and add the words RAM and CPU to help your explanation)

  • Animate ALL elements on your slide.

Slide #2: TITLE - Typing Review

Slide #3: TITLE - HARDWARE & I/O Devices

  • Define the word HARDWARE

  • Insert a picture of an INPUT DEVICE

  • Insert a picture of an OUTPUT DEVICE

  • Underneath each picture tell me: (1) If it is an input device or an output device and (2) The Name of the device.

Slide #4: TITLE - SOFTWARE & O.S.

  • Define the word SOFTWARE

  • Define the words OPERATING SYSTEM (O.S.)

  • Insert a picture of 2 Popular operating systems being sold TODAY. (Hint: you're using one NOW!)

  • What company manufactures these operating systems?

  • Animate the pictures only

Slide #5: TITLE - BITS & BYTES, Hertz

  • Define: Binary Code, 1 Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte

  • Define: 1 Hertz, 1 Kilohertz, 1 Megahertz, 1 Gigahertz.

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