Tuesday-Wednesday, January 20-21, 2009

1. Students will relate the speed of processing to the clock speed of a CPU
2. Students will understand capacity of a memory device
3. Students will understand how memory and cpu work together
4. Students will examine an actual computer.

1. Digital Zen
2. Announcements
3. Speed and Capacity
4. Components PowerPoint Report // Continue Notebook Check

Digital Zen:
Today is Inauguration Day 2009! Answer the questions below: (Use GOOGLE to search for the answers)

1. What is the Oath of Office? Copy and Paste it onto your blog.

2. How many Presidents have taken the Oath of Office (not including Barack Obama)?

3. Where did today's Oath of Office take place?

4. Barack Obama is our first African American President. What does this mean to you? How do you think this will change our future? (4-5 sentences; 1 paragraph)

PowerPoint Activity: (Save this file as COMPUTERGUTS2)

Slide #1: "How my Computer Works"

  • Background
  • Your Name
  • Today's Date
  • A picture of a Computer
  • Computer Diagram, include the appropriate arrows and boxes AND the following words: Input, CPU, RAM, Output

Slide #2 "Processing Components: CPU"

  • Background
  • 2 Pictures of 2 Different Brands of CPU
  • Text Box: What does the CPU do? What is it like (what organ is it like in the human body?)
  • Text Box: What does CPU stand for?

Slide #3 "Processing Components: RAM"

  • Background
  • Picture of RAM
  • Text Box: What does the RAM do?
  • Text Box: What does RAM stand for?

Slide #4 "How a Digital Camera Works"

  • Create a 10 x 10 Grid (using a table)
  • Fill in the squares with Black or White and create a design
  • Include the Binary Code to the side of the grid
  • See example below!

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