Tuesday-Wednesday, January 13-14, 2009

By the end of this week:
1. Students will be able to explain the concept of a BYTE by determining how many BYTES are in a block of DATA bits.
2. Students will be able to explain how computers process binary code by simulating how a computer might process the input of a digital camera.

Language Objective:
What is a BYTE?
How are BYTES related to BITS?

1. Digital Zen (Arrange Your Notebooks//Mavis Beacon)
2. Lecture
3. Exit Slip

Digital Zen: (10 Minutes)

1. What is Binary Code?
2. Define Digital.
3. Why do we call it a DIGITAL camera, and not just a CAMERA?
4. What does a 1 mean? What does a 0 mean? (In binary code)
5. How many bits in one BYTE?

Lecture (30 minutes)

Notebook Check AND Mavis Beacon (last 45 minutes of class)

1. Notebook Check Preparation (Need to print? Go to Print Station: 22, 23,24,26, 28, 29 and the Mavis Beacon Tally Sheet )

All pages can be found and printed out here:
http://www.scribd.com/share/upload/7211260/1nmvt0fwptetfzz61w7t (pages 23-29)
and Page 22 here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/10258958/022-Autobiographical-Power-Point-Planning-Sheet

2. Mavis Beacon (Turn in the TALLY sheet as your EXIT SLIP)

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