Thursday, January 22, 2009

1. Students will relate the speed of processing to the clock speed of a CPU
2. Students will understand capacity of a memory device
3. Students will understand how memory and cpu work together
4. Students will examine an actual computer.

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Digital Zen: (1-2 slide PowerPoint - worth 20 Points!)
Yesterday was INAUGURATION DAY 2009. It was extra-special because we ushered in our first AFRICAN american President.

Using 1-2 PowerPoint slides, write a LONG letter to President Obama using PowerPoint. In your letter include:

  • An introduction to yourself (introduce yourself!)
  • Talk about where you are from: your city, your neighborhood, your struggles
  • Your feelings about him being our first President of color
  • What you hope he will accomplish in the next 4 years
  • Sign it (Sincerely, Your Name)

Along with your letter, include at least 3 Pictures to illustrate your opinion and points.

Remember, you are creating a PowerPoint for our President, please take time to

  • Write with your best academic language
  • Be creative with your layouts and colors
  • Don't go crazy with custom animations and too much stuff
When you are done, please email it to

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