Monday, January 5, 2009



1. Students will reflect on their vacation and make a quick 3-Slide PowerPoint of what they did during their Break.


1. Warm up & Assignment

Digital Zen:

1. What did you do these past 2 weeks for vacation? List 8 Things that you did during the break no matter how mundane or boring they may sound. With each thing, write the day you engaged in that activity.

For example:

1. Washed my Mom's Car (monday, week 1)

2. Organized the Garage (tuesday, week 1)

3. Went to Disneyland (thursday, week 1)

4. Went out to see Improv Comedy (Saturday, week 2)

5. Went to Universal Studios to chime in the new year (Wednesday, Week 2)

6. Drove to Delano to be with Family (Monday, week 2)

7. Had Christmas Dinner with Family at home (Tuesday, Week 1)

8. Went to Midnight Mass (Wednesday, Week 1)

Assignment: (PowerPoint)

Listen for the instructions.

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