Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Students:
I'm out sick this morning.  Thanks ahead of time for your well-wishes.  I hope to be back to work tomorrow, depending on how I feel. 

Please remember the simple rules that when I am gone, all you need to do is
  1. Respect: Your peers, The Sub, and Our Classroom
  2. Complete the work quietly and with quality
  3. Turn in your work (via email)
  4. Surf the internet (QUIETLY) when you are done.
I really want to hear from the sub that periods 6 and 7 where EXCELLENT.  Please make me proud to be your teacher! :)

Below is your assignment! READ IT CAREFULLY SO THAT YOU GET FULL CREDIT (notice that you will be sending it to a different EMAIL address!). GET TO IT!

Mr. Aguda


1. Students will reflect on our new President by creating a quick POWERPOINT.

1. Digital Zen (powerPoint activity)

2. Free Surf Time

Digital Zen: (2-3 slide PowerPoint - worth 30 Points!)
Yesterday was INAUGURATION DAY 2009.  It was extra-special because we ushered in our first AFRICAN american President. 

Using 2-3 PowerPoint slides, write a LONG letter to President Obama using PowerPoint.  In your letter include:

  • An introduction to yourself (introduce yourself!)
  • Talk about where you are from: your city, your neighborhood, your struggles
  • Your feelings about him being our first President of color
  • What you hope he will accomplish in the next 4 years
  • Sign it (Sincerely, Your Name)

Along with your letter, include at least 3 Pictures to illustrate your opinion and points.

Remember, you are creating a PowerPoint for our President, please take time to

  • Write with your best academic language
  • Be creative with your layouts and colors
  • Don't go crazy with custom animations and too much stuff
When you are done, please email it to

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