Tuesday-Wednesday, December 16-17, 2008

Students will take a typing drill to assess accuracy and speed.
Students will practice accuracy and speed by using the program Mavis Beacon.
Students will track their progress using Mavis Beacon.

1. Digital Zen (Christmas in other countries)
2. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
3. Exit Slip
Digital Zen:
What's Christmas like in another country? Go to google.com and type the phrase "CHRISTMAS" and then another country's name. For example "christmas philippines"
On your blog, COPY and answer the following questions.
1. What kind of decorations are commonly used in this country? Describe them.
2. Place a picture of this decoration onto your blog.
3. What traditions or activities does this country celebrate during Christmas? (for example, do the people carol or sing? do they hit pinatas? What do they do?)
4. What kinds of food do people in this country eat during the Christmas season? List at least 2.
5. Post a picture of they food they serve during Christmas.

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