Thursday-Friday, October 2-3, 2008

By the end of today's session students will:

1. Be assessed their first notebook check.
2. Know the criteria for the notebook check.
3. Learn about cursors and pointers and their functions on the desktop and on Microsoft Office

1. Digital Zen
2. The 411 (Syllabus: Tardy Procedure, Absent Procedure, Notebook Check)
3. Lecture: Notebook Check
4. Notebook Check and Typing work.

Digital ZEN
Please answer the following questions. Make sure you write in complete sentences!!!!
1. Where can you find the print station in Mr. Aguda's classroom?
2. When is the notebook check? (Check the calendar) Are you prepared? Why or why not?
3. Write a paragraph about how you are feeling today and then choose which face best suits you here.
4. Copy the picture onto your blog.
5. Open to page 10 and open your file called "PX-last-first-093008-tablesworksheet" so that Mr. Aguda can stamp it!

Downloads for today:
Page 12: Notebook Check
Page 011: Cursors and Mouse Fun

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