Wednesday, September 10, 2008

By the end of today's session students will:
1. Become familiar with the class syllabus through Mr. Aguda's presentation, popcorn reading and the completion of a syllabus scavenger hunt.

1. Zen (Half Sheet)
2. Zen Activity
3. The Syllabus (continued!)
4. Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

Tonight's Homework:
By next Tuesday, bring the required materials as shown in the syllabus.

On a HALF SHEET OF PAPER, please provide the following information on each line (don't copy the questions, use the back if you need to):
1. On the FRONT, write the procedures for entering the classroom.
2. On the FRONT, what will Mr. Aguda do to get your attention and how will you respond?
3. On the BACK, write 2 things that you would you like to learn in this computer class

Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

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