Tuesday-Wednesday, September 16-17, 2008

By the end of today's session students will:

1. Rehearse and complete a "real" 10 Minutes of Digital Zen Activity
2. Know how to successfully log in and log out of the computer.
3. Know the saving convention for classwork by completing a number of MS Word activities and saving them using the convention.

1. Digital Zen (With Notebook and Materials Check and HW check!)
2. The 411
3. Stamping Policy (NOTES Page 3)
4. Tutorial #1: Logging on / off (Notes Page 3)
5. Tutorial #2: Saving Conventions (Notes Page 3)
6. Computer Survey Questionnaire (Page 4)

Tonight's Homework:

Digital ZEN (Day 1)
The computers are already logged in for you with MS Word already on the screen. Today's digital zen will take you through the steps required of you for each warm-up activity.
1. Visit http://mraguda.animojustice.com
2. Copy and Paste the entire BLOG entry from MY BLOG onto MS WORD
3. Format it as necessary. (Fix the fonts and spaces)
4. Answer the questions from the blog.

Here are the questions you are to answer:
1. You have been assigned a computer, what computer # is it?
2. What room # is Mr. Aguda's class?
3. What materials and homework are due today?
4. Describe what you did this past weekend? Be descriptive. Type at least 8 sentences.
Computer Survey:
Login Daily Basics Notes

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