Wednesday, June 4-5, 2008

Today you will -
1. Learn about the FINAL PROJECT
2. Browse through Example Projects and Grade them (using the Criteria Chart)
3. Begin your own project
4. Learn about Navigation
1. Warm up (blogger)
2. Final Project Criteria
Please view the following student websites from last year.

Danny Menjivar’s Sample Website:
Nancy Torres Sample Website:
Iris Cisneros’ Sample Website:
Mayra Islas' Sample Website:
Miriam Hernandez' Sample Website:
Maria Lopez' Sample Website:
Edith Marin's Sample Website:

Choose your favorite and answer the following questions:

1. Why is this your favorite website out of all of them?
2. How many pages does this student have?
3. What are the pages and what is the content inside of them? (What does each page talk about?)

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