Tuesday, June 17, 2008

- Students will complete their projects

1. Warm-up (EMAIL to MR. AGUDA)
2. Finish your Projects

Warm up: (12 minutes)
Write an EMAIL to me (use my email address for this class! -- see below if you forgot) -- Start with "Dear Mr. Aguda..." and answer the following questions in the form of a letter to ME! Don't use bullet points or numbering! Don't copy the questions in your email. :)

1. What do you hope to accomplish during today's class session?
2. How much of the project have you already completed?
3. How much of the project has been published online? Are you having an trouble publishing it online?
4. Are you planning to attend office hours this week? If so, which one? (Remember, no Office Hours today! Mr. Aguda will hold make-up office hours on Thursday)
5. Do you think you will be able to complete most of this project by Friday? Why or why not?
6. What did you do this weekend?

Send this email to:

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