Thursday-Friday, April 22, 2008


Students will understand how graphs are made and how data can be analyzed by creating their own tables and graphs in MS Excel.

1. Warm up
2. Announcements
3. Averages and Graphing Lecture
4. Graphing with Averages - Worksheet and Practice

1. What is a Category?
2. What is a Value?
3. What is a Series?
4. Graph the Following Data onto EXCEL-- into a BAR GRAPH.

Title: Costs of Burgers at Restaurants
Burger King Whopper $1.39
Jack N The Box Jumbo Jack $1.29
Mc Donald's Big Mac $1.10
Carl's Jr. $6 Burger $2.39
Islands Burger $7.29
Tam's $1.09
Tomy's Burger $1.05
White Castle $0.39

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