Monday, April 14, 2008 - 

Hey Students:
I'm out sick today. Please, remember to respect the sub, take care of our room, and complete the assignment.  I highly *respect* classes that follow these golden rules, so make me proud.

Mr. Aguda

1. Warm - up (12 minutes)
2. Web Hunt Game (Win a PRIZE WEDNESDAY!)
3. Free-Surf time (ONLY IF YOU'RE DONE!)

Warm-up (you will email me this assignment  -- Save as Warmup):
1. Go to MS EXCEL.
2. Pick a NUMBER from 1 to 9.  Think about it in your head.  EXCEL will guess WHAT YOU ARE THINKING!
2. In Column A answer the following problems: (You must enter the correct formulas for credit!)
   - A1: To your number, SUBTRACT 5 [  =(your number - 5) ]

   - A2: Multiply the answer in A1 by 3 [ =(A1*3) ]

   - A3: Multiply the answer in A2 by itself (A2*A2)

   - A4: Add the digits together until you only get one digit. 
     (For example: 64 = 6 + 4 = 10 [which is still 2 digits, so continue: then 10 = 1 + 0 = 1])

   - A5: If A4 is less than 5, add 5.  If it's more than 5, subtract 4.
     [For example: If the answer in A4 is six, type the formula: =(A4-4)]
     [If the answer in A4 is 3, type the formula: =(A4+5)]

   - A6: Multiply the answer in A5 by 2

   - A7: Subtract 6 from A6 
      [ =(A6-6) ]

   - A8: Give your digit a LETTER - Type the Letter in the A8.
     [A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, etc.]

   - A9: Pick a country in EUROPE that begins with that letter - write it in CELL A9.
     [Countries in Europe include: Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, France, Click here for more  European countries!]

   - A10: Take the second letter of that Country and write the letter in CELL A10

   - A11: In this cell, write the NAME of a MAMMAL that begins with that letter. Click here for mammals.

   - A12: Think of the COLOR of that MAMMAL. Write it in A12


   - Save and EMAIL ME YOUR FILE!


Visit this website =

Click on the links on the website to find the ANSWERS, then write the ANSWERS on the HANDOUT.

The class that completes this assignment the FASTEST--AND WITH THE MOST CORRECT ANSWERS, WINS A REWARD TOMORROW.

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