Midterm Part 1:


Midterm Part 2 – Applications (Excel and Receipts)

SHEET 1: Title your worksheet as "Excel math" (10 points)

Cell A1: 1+3
Cell A2: 2x3
Cell A3: 1032 divided by 63.1
Cell A4: 72 divided by 8
Cell A5: Multiply A4 x 3
Cell A6: 4 x 4
Cell A7: 12 x 3

Cell B1: 13586 - 3546
Cell B2: 72 x 33
Cell B3: 5 divided by 33
Cell B4: 12.0032 divided by 63.1
Cell B5: 3.12 x 4
Cell B6: 12 x 3
Cell B7: Multiply B1 x B2

C1: 32 divided by 3
C2: 5 x 3
C3: C1+C2
C4: C2+C3
C5: C1xC4
C6: Add C1 + C3
C7: Add A9 + B9

Cell A9: Add up Column A
Cell B9: Add up Column B
Cell C9: Add up Column C
Cell D12: Add up all Numbers

SHEET 2: Title your worksheet as "Best Buy" (10 points)

Mr. Aguda needs to furnish his new home with a brand new Flat Panel TV. Unfortunately, he needs to buy more than just the TV. He needs the following Items:

- Flat Panel TV (LCD or PLASMA)
- Power Conditioner
- XBOX 360
- Blue Ray DVD player
- HDMI Cable
- Home Theater System

1. Go to http://www.bestbuy.com/ and go shopping. - Use the search box to type in the items you're looking for. (10pts)
2. Use Sheet to for the design and change the logo to BESTBUY. (10pts)
a. Include: Qty, Item #, Description, Unit Cost, and Total for each line item
b. Include: Sub Total, Tax (8.25%), and Grand Total

Extra Credit Portion (10 Extra points) - optional...you don't have to do this part...

3. I have a coupon for 5% off her next purchase, include another item in the main column for a 5% discount and adjust your formulas accordingly.

Save as MIDTERMPART2 and email to me

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