Tuesday - Wednesday, April 1-2, 2008
Welcome Back! Home you all had a great vacation!
Today's Objectives:
Students will:
- Review results to their newspaper project
- Understand the basic structure of MS Excel: Cells Addresses
1. Warm up
2. Your Newspapers
3. Intro to Excel: Cells in exCELL.
4. Excel Worksheet: day #1

Warm up:
Open up MS Publisher. Create a Post-Card using the Wizard.
1. On the backside (the one with the Address on it): Put a fake address and insert a picture of a place you visited this spring break. If you didn't visit anywhere...just put a place you would have liked to have visited.
2. On the front side, remove all the text boxes that are already there. Add your own text box and write a 1 paragraph description of what you did these past 2 weeks. Use the questions below for a guide:
(A) How was your Spring Break?
(B) What did you end up doing?
(C) Where did you go?

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