Wednesday-Thursday, February 6-7, 2008

By the end of today:
- Students will become familiar with and practice starting from scratch in MS Publisher by creating their own seating charts, maps, and Magazine Covers.

1. Warm up
2. MS Publisher (notes)
3. Seating Chart Activity
4. Map Activity
5. Magazine Cover Activity

Warm Up:
Visit this website:
Answer the following questions: (After reading the article)

1. Name 3 different desktop publishing programs (applications).
2. What is WYSIWYG? (Hint: Click on the link) How does Publisher use WYSIWYG?
3. What is a Layout?

Answer the following questions from yesterday's lecture (check your notes!)
4. What types of publications can this program create and print out?
5. What 2 ways can you design a publication?
6. When is the next notebook check?

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