Tues-Wed, February 19-20, 2008

Students will be continue to practice making precise publications using a ruler by copying magazine covers.

1. Warm-up
2. Finish task #1 and begin task #2-3 (see below)
3. Concurrent Notebook Checks

Warm up:
1. Open MS Publisher. USE the design wizard for this publication.

Create any NEWSLETTER template you like. Choose the colors and the font for your newsletter.

In the space where there's supposed to be a story, write 3 paragraphs describing what you did this weekend. Give the Story a Headline or a Title above the story. Write the headline big so that the reader would be interested.

Save as: myweekendnewsletter

Task #2: Starting from scratch, and using ruler guides, create a 1 page flyer about a party you are going to have this weekend. When you are done, draw a layout ON PAGE 56, like the one on page 55 so that others can recreate your flier.

Task #3: Do the same as above with another kind of publication.

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