Tuesday-Wednesday, January 29-30, 2008


Today's Objective:
1. Students will reviews class syllabus and guidelines.
2. Students will review final exam results
3. Students will become acquainted with Hard Drives, Optical Drives, RAM, and Expansion Slots

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up
2. Review Syllabus / Start from "Scratch"
3. Review Final Exam Results
4. Drives...Drives...and expansion slots (Lecture)
5. PowerPoint Activity

Warm Up (Blogger)
1. Check your grades online at ps.greendot.org
2. How did you do on my final?
3. Which portion of the final did you do best at?
4. What portion of the final did you do worse in?
5. What was the best and worst parts of my final?

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