Friday, November 30, 2007


By the end of this week:

  • Students will assess their beginning typing speed and accuracy by completing a battery of typing tests and conduct the calculations necessary to figure out their WPM and Accuracy Scores.
  • Students will be accountable for reaching a goal WPM by keeping track of their progress.

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up (blog)
(10 minutes)
2. Online Typing Tests
3. Online Typing Game

Warm up: (

1. What is your WPM?
2. What is your Accuracy (%)?
3. What is your goal WPM and your goal Accuracy?
5. If Tommy typed 1000 words in 20 minutes, what is his WPM?
6. Tommy stopped to look at his work when he was finished. He made 28 mistakes. What is his ACCURACY? (Don't forget, it needs to be in percent!)
7. Sarah tried to beat Tommy, she typed 300 words in 5 minutes. What was her WPM? She realized she only missed 5 words, what was her ACCURACY?
8. Who was the better Typist and why?

Typing Test (Online)
Grab a Tutorial Handout...

Go to

Follow the instructions on the handout

Turn in the HANDOUT when you are done!

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